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Mont Blanc (French pronunciation: ​[mɔ̃.blɑ̃]) or Monte Bianco, baith meanin "White Moontain", is the heichest moontain in the Alps an the heichest peak in Europe ootside o the Caucasus range.[1]

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc depuis Valmorel.jpg
Sooth face o Mont Blanc / Monte Bianco frae Savoie
Heichest pynt
Elevation 4,807 m (15,771 ft)
Prominence 4,696 m (15,407 ft) 
Ranked 11t
Isolation 2,812 kilometres (1,747 mi)
Paurent peak Moont Everest
Leetin Kintra heich pynt
Seiven Summits
Coordinates 45°50′01″N 006°51′54″E / 45.83361°N 6.86500°E / 45.83361; 6.86500Coordinates: 45°50′01″N 006°51′54″E / 45.83361°N 6.86500°E / 45.83361; 6.86500
Mont Blanc is locatit in Alps
Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc
Location in the Alps
Location Aosta Valley, Italy
Haute-Savoie, Fraunce
Parent range Graian Alps
First ascent 8 August 1786 by
Jacques Balmat
Michel-Gabriel Paccard


  1. The Caucasus wattershed haes conventionally been uised as the boondary atween Europe an Asie syne the mid 19t century. The Caucasus haes a nummer o peaks heicher than Mont Blanc either merkin the Roushie-Georgian border or just within Roushie (Moont Elbrus in the North Caucasus at 5641 m is the heichest peak in Europe when includin the Caucasus).