Admeenistrative diveesions o North Korea

The admeenistrative diveesions o North Korea are organized intae three hierarchical levels. Mony o the units hae equivalents in the seestem o Sooth Korea. At the heichest level are nine provinces, twa directly-govrened ceeties, an three special admeenistrative diveesions. The seicont-level diveesions are ceeties, coonties, wards, an destricts. These are further subdividit intae third-level entities: touns, neighborhuids, veelages, an wirkers' destricts.

Admeenistrative diveesions o North Korea

The three-level admeenistrative seestem uised in North Korea wis first inauguratit bi Kim Il-sung in 1952, as pairt o a massive restructurin o local govrenment. Previously, the kintra haed uised a multi-level seestem similar tae that still uised in Sooth Korea.


  • Chagang Province (Chagang-do; 자강도; 慈江道)
  • North Hamgyŏng Province (Hamgyŏng-pukto; 함경 북도; 咸鏡北道)
  • Sooth Hamgyŏng Province (Hamgyŏng-namdo; 함경 남도; 咸鏡南道)
  • North Hwanghae Province (Hwanghae-pukto; 황해 북도; 黃海北道)
  • Sooth Hwanghae Province (Hwanghae-namdo; 황해 남도; 黃海南道)
  • Kangwŏn Province (Kangwŏndo; 강원도; 江原道)
  • North P'yŏngan Province (P'yŏngan-pukto; 평안 북도; 平安北道)
  • Sooth P'yŏngan Province (P'yŏngan-namdo; 평안 남도; 平安南道)
  • Ryanggang Province (Ryanggang-do; 량강도; 兩江道)

Special Admeenistrative Regions


Directly-govrened ceeties

  • P'yŏngyang Directly Govrened Ceety (P'yŏngyang Chikhalsi; 평양 직할시; 平壤直轄市) - The ceety is classified as a Directly Govrened Ceety (Chikhalsi), no a Special Ceety as Seoul in Sooth Korea. In fact, the North Korean naitional newspaper an broadcastin say "Pyongyang Chikhalsi". Some sources, maist o them frae Sooth Korea, refer the ceety as a Special Ceety; housomeivver these are the auld sources. Mairower, Sooth Korea haes correctit the ceety as a Directly Govrened Ceety, accordin tae a Sooth Korean newspaper in 1994.
  • Rasŏn (Rajin-Sŏnbong) Special Ceety (Rasŏn (Rajin-Sŏnbong) Chikhalsi; 라선 (라진-선봉) 직할시; 羅先 (羅津-先鋒) 直轄市) - Prior tae 1993 an frae 2004 tae 2009 the ceety haed been pairt o the North Hamgyŏng Province