North Hamgyong Province

(Reguidit frae Hamgyongbuk-do)

Hamgyongbuk-do (North Hamgyong) is the northmaist province o North Korea. The province wis formed in 1896 frae the northren hauf o the umwhile Hamgyong Province.

Hamgyongbuk North Korea.png


The province is bordered bi Cheenae on the north, Hamgyongnam-do on the soothwast, an Ryanggang on the wast. On the east is the Sea o Japan (East Sea o Korea). There is an aw a short border wi Roushie. The province is hame tae the Musudan-ri rocket launchin steid, an wis umwhile the steid o the Onsong concentration camp. In 2004 Rason wis reabsorbed back intae the province, an syne 2010 Rason is again a Directly Govrened Ceety.

Admeenistrative diveesionsEdit

Hamgyongbuk-do is dividit intae three ceeties (si) an 12 coonties (kun)[1]. These are further dividit intae veelages (ri) in rural auries an dong (neighborhuids) in ceeties, which are detailed on each coonty’s individual page. Some ceeties are an aw dividit intae wards kent as "kuyŏk", which are admeenistered juist belaw the ceety level an an aw leetit on its individual page.



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Coordinates: 41°54′11″N 129°24′29″E / 41.903°N 129.408°E / 41.903; 129.408