Kim Il-sung (15 Aprile 1912 – 8 Julie 1994) wis a Korean communist, an later Juche, politeecian who led North Korea frae its foondin in 1948 till his daith in 1994.[1] He held the posts o Prime Meenister frae 1948 tae 1972 an Preses frae 1972 tae his daith. He wis an aa the General Secretary o the Wirkers Pairty o Korea.

Kim Il-sung
Offeecial portrait (posthumous, issued 1994)
Eternal Preses o the Republic (Appellation)
Assumed office
8 Julie 1994
Supreme Leader o North Korea
In office
9 September 1948 – 8 Julie 1994
Succeedit biKim Jong-il
Preses o North Korea
In office
28 December 1972 – 8 Julie 1994
Precedit biPosition creatit
Choi Yong-kun, Heid o State as Preses o the Presidium o the Supreme Fowk's Assembly
Succeedit biPosition abolished
(Proclaimed Eternal Preses o the Republic efter his daith)
Prime Meenister o North Korea
In office
9 September 1948 – 28 December 1972
Precedit biPosition creatit
Succeedit biKim Il (Premier)
General Secretary o the Central Committee o the Wirkers' Pairty o Korea
In office
11 October 1966 – 8 Julie 1994
Precedit biHimself as Chairman
Succeedit biKim Jong-il
Chairman o the Central Committee o the Wirkers Pairty o Korea
In office
30 Juin 1949 – 11 October 1966
Precedit biKim Tu-bong
Succeedit biHimself as General Secretary
Vice-Chairman o the Central Committee o the Wirkers’ Pairty o North Korea
In office
28 August 1946 – 30 Juin 1949
ChairmanKim Tu-bong
Precedit biPosition creatit
Succeedit biPosition abolished
Chairman o the North Korea Bureau o the Communist Pairty o Korea
In office
17 December 1945 – 28 August 1946
General SecretaryPak Hon-yong
Precedit biKim Yong-bom
Succeedit biPosition abolished
Personal details
BornKim Sŏng-ju
15 Apryle 1912(1912-04-15)
Mangyŏngdae, Heian-nandō, Japanese Korea
Dee'd8 Julie 1994(1994-07-08) (aged 82)
Pyongyang, Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea
Restin placeKumsusan Palace o the Sun, Pyongyang, Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea
NaitionalityNorth Korean
Poleetical pairtyWirkers’ Pairty o Korea
Spoose(s)Kim Jong-suk (d. 1949)
Kim Song-ae
BairnsKim Jong-il
Kim Man-il
Kim Kyong-hui
Kim Kyong-jin
Kim Pyong-il
Kim Yong-il
ResidencePyongyang, Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea
ThriftEternal Preses o the Republic
ProfessionPreses o North Korea
Militar service
Allegiance Soviet Union
North Korea Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea
Service/brainchSoviet Airmed Forces
Korean Fowk's Airmy
Years o service1941–1945
RankDae wonsu (Grand Marshal)
CommandsAll (supreme commander)
Battles/warsWarld War II
Korean War
Korean name
Revised RomanisationGim Il-seong
McCune–ReischauerKim Il-sŏng

Durin his tenure as leader o North Korea, he ruled the naition wi autocratic power an establisht an aw-pervasive cult o personality. Frae the mid-1960s, he promotit his self-developed Juche variant o communist naitional organisation.[2] Follaein his daith in 1994, he wis succeedit bi his son Kim Jong-il. North Korea offeecially refers tae Kim Il-sung as the "Great Leader" (Suryong in Korean 수령) an he is designatit in the constitution as the kintra's "Eternal Preses". His birthday is a public haliday in North Korea.


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