North Hwanghae Province

(Reguidit frae Hwanghaebuk-do)

North Hwanghae (Hwanghaebuk-do) is a province o North Korea. The province wis formed in 1954 when the umwhile Hwanghae Province wis split intae North an Sooth Hwanghae. The provincial caipital is Sariwon. The province is bordered bi Pyongyang an Sooth Pyongan tae the north, Kangwon tae the east, Kaesong Industrial Region tae the sooth, an Hwanghaenam-do soothwast. In 2003, Kaesong Directly Govrened Ceety (Kaesong Chikhalsi) became pairt o North Hwanghae.

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Admeenistrative diveesionsEedit

Hwanghaebuk-do is dividit intae 3 ceeties ("si") an 19 coonties ("kun"). Three o these coonties (Chunghwa, Kangnam, an Sangwon) were addit tae the province in 2010 efter being split frae Pyongyang.[1]


Special Admeenistrative RegionsEedit



Historic landmarksEedit

Hwanghaebuk-do is full o mony historical relics as the steid o the Koryo-dynasty caipital at Kaesong, a depository for mony famous historic relics. The province is an aw hame tae the tombs o mony o the Koryo monarchus, the maist famous being the tombs o kings Taejo an Kongmin, though others are spread throughoot Kaesong an Kaepung county. Kaesong an aw hooses the Koguryo-era Taehungsan Fortress, built tae protect the kinrick's caipital at Pyongyang an enclosin the famous Kwanum Temple. Nearbi tae Sariwin is the famous Jongbangsan Fortress, anither Koguryo satellite for the defense o Pyongyang. This fortress encompasses the 9t-century Songbulsa Buddhist temple, ane o the auldest an maist picturesque in the kintra.


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