Accra is the caipital an lairgest ceety in Ghana wi the population o the ceety proper estimatit at 1,963,264 as o 2009. Accra an aa doubles as the caipital o the Greater Accra Region an o the Accra Metropolitan Destrict wi which it is coterminous.[1] Accra is an aa the anchor o a substantially lairger metropolitan aurie cried the Greater Accra Metropolitan Aurie an includes aicht destricts - Accra Metropolitan, Tema Metropolitan, Ga East Municipal, Ga Wast Municipal, Ga Sooth Municipal, Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal, Ashaiman Municipal an Adenta Municipal.[2] It is hame tae aboot 4 million fowk, makin it the lairgest metropolitan conglomeration in the kintra bi population.[3]

Greater Accra Metropolitan Aurie

As a primate ceety, Accra is the admeenistrative, communications, an economic centre o the kintra.

Sister ceetiesEedit

Accra haes twa offeecial sister ceeties as recognized bi Sister Cities International[4]

Ceety Kintra Date Reference
  Chicago, Illinois Unitit States 1989 [4]
  Washington, D.C. Unitit States 2006 [5]


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Coordinates: 5°36′13″N 0°11′13″W / 5.6037°N 0.187°W / 5.6037; -0.187