Zoroastrianism is a releegion fae Iran, forbye mony follaers bide in Indie (whaur they're kent as Parsis) an ither pairts o the warld. The releegion's based on the teachins o the prophet Zarathushtra (kent as Zoroaster an Zartosht an aa), an haes atween 100,000 an 200,000 follaers.[1][2][3] Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic releegion, an micht hae had an influence on aucient Judaism, whan the Jews wir held captive in Babylon.

Faravahar (or Ferohar), ane o the main symbols o Zoroastrianism

Zoroastrians believe that Ahura Mazda creatit aahin, forbye it can be seen or no. The Zoroastrian holy beuk is the Avesta. The auldest pairt, the Gathas (meanin "sangs" or "hymns"), wis scrievit bi Zoroaster himsel an talks aboot devotion tae nae god bit Ahura Mazda.

Detail o The Schuil o Athens bi Raphael, 1509, showin Zoroaster (left, wi starn-studdit globe).


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