The New York Times

(Reguidit frae New York Times)

The New York Times (NYT) is an American daily newspaper, foondit an continuously published in New York Ceety syne September 18, 1851. It haes wan 122 Pulitzer Prizes, mair nor ony ither news organisation.[4][5] Its wabsteid is ane o Americae's maist popular news steids, an the maist popular amang aw the naition's newspapers, receivin mair nor 30 million unique veesitors per month as reportit in Januar 2011.[6]

The New York Times
The front page o The New York Times
on Julie 29, 1914, annooncin Austrick-Hungary's declaration o war against Serbie
TeepDaily newspaper
Awner(s)The New York Times Company
Foonder(s)Henry Jarvis Raymond
George Jones
PublisherArthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.
EditorJill Abramson
Managin eeditorsDean Baquet
John M. Geddes
News eeditorRichard L. Berke
Opeenion eeditorAndrew Rosenthal
Sport eeditorTom Jolly
Photae eeditorMichele McNally
Staff writers1,300 news staff (2016)[1]
Foondit1851; 173 years ago (1851)
HeidquartersThe New York Times Building
620 Eighth Avenue
New York Ceety, New York, Unitit States
  • 571,500 Daily[2]
  • 1,087,500 Sunday[2]
  • 2,500,000 Deegital-anly[3]
OCLC number1645522

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