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Yuan Shikai (16 September 1859 – 6 Juin 1916) wis a Cheenese general, politeecian an "emperor", famous for his influence during the late Qing Dynasty, his role in the events leadin up tae the abdication o the last Qing Emperor, his autocratic rule as the first formal Preses o the Republic o Cheenae, an his short-lived attempt tae restore monarchy in Cheenae, wi himsel as the Hongxian Emperor (Cheenese: 洪憲皇帝).

Yuan Shikai
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Preses o the Republic o Cheenae
In office
10 Mairch 1912 – 22 December 1915
Premier Tang Shaoyi
Lou Tseng-Tsiang
Zhao Bingjun
Xiong Xiling
Sun Baoqi
Xu Shichang
Vice Preses Li Yuanhong
Precedit bi Sun Yat-sen
Succeedit bi Himself (as Emperor)
In office
22 March 1916 – 6 June 1916
Premier Xu Shichang
Duan Qirui
Vice Preses Li Yuanhong
Precedit bi Himsel (as Emperor)
Succeedit bi Li Yuanhong
Prime Meenister o the Imperial Cabinet
In office
2 November 1911 – 10 Mairch 1912
Monarch Xuantong Emperor
Precedit bi Yikuang, Prince Qing
Succeedit bi Zhang Xun (1917)
Viceroy o Zhili an Meenister o Beiyang
In office
Precedit bi Li Hongzhang
Succeedit bi Yang Shixiang
Emperor o Cheenae
Era name: Hongxian (洪憲)
Prime Meenister Lou Tseng-Tsiang
Precedit bi Himself (as Preses)
Succeedit bi Himself (as Preses)
Personal details
Born 16 September 1859(1859-09-16)
Xiangcheng, Henan, Qing Dynasty
Dee'd 6 Juin 1916(1916-06-06) (aged 56)
Beijing, Republic o Cheenae
Poleetical pairty Beiyang clique
Republican Pairty
Spoose(s) Yu Yishang
Lady Shen, concubine
Lady Lee, concubine
Lady Kim, concubine
Lady O, concubine
Lady Yang, concubine
Lady Ye, concubine
Lady Zhang, concubine
Lady Guo, concubine
Lady Liu, concubine
Bairns Yuan Keding
Yuan Kewen
15 ither sons
15 dauchters
Thrift General, Politeecian
Militar service
Years o service 1881–1916
Battles/wars Imo Incident
Gapsin Coup
First Sino-Japanese War
Boxer Rebellion