William II, King o Scots

William II, King o Scots (14 November 1650 - 8 Mairch 1702) wis Stadthauder frae 1672 he as William III o Orange ower Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders, an Overijssel o the Dutch Republic. He wis Keeng o Scots frae 11 Aprile 1689 an Keeng o Ingland an Keeng o Ireland frae 13 Februar 1689. In aw thae fower cases, he held thae titles till his daith on 8t Mairch 1702. He is cried "King Billy" an aw.

William III
William III bi Sir Godfrey Kneller
Prince o Orange
Ring4 November 1650[1] –
8 Mairch 1702
PredecessorWilliam II
SuccessorJohn William Friso
Stadtholder o Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelderland an Overijssel
RingJuly 1672 – 8 Mairch 1702
PredecessorWilliam II
SuccessorWilliam IV
Keeng o Ingland, Scotland an Ireland (mair ...)
Reing13 February 1689 –
8 March 1702
Coronation11 April 1689
PredecessorJames II & VII
Co-monarchMary II
Born4 November 1650(1650-11-04)
[N.S.: 14 November 1650][1]
Binnenhof, The Hague
Dee'd8 Mairch 1702(1702-03-08) (aged 51)
[N.S.: 19 Mairch 1702]
Kensington Palace, Lunnon
BuirialWestminster Abbey, Lunnon
SpooseMary II o Ingland
HooseHoose o Orange-Nassau
FaitherWilliam II, Prince o Orange
MitherMary, Princess Ryal
SeegnaturWilliam III's signature

William wis born in the Netherlands. His mither wis Mary Stuart. Mary wis the sister tae the King o Ingland, Ireland an Scotland, James VII & II.


  1. a b During William's lifetime, twa calendars wur in uise in Europe: the Auld Style Julian calendar in Breetain an pairts o Northren an Eastren Europe, an the New Style Gregorian calendar elsewhar, includin William's birthplace in the Netherlands. At the time o William's birth, Gregorian dates wur ten days ahead o Julian dates: thus William wis born on 14 November 1650 bi Gregorian reckonin, but on 4 November 1650 bi Julian. At William's daith, Gregorian dates wur eleven days ahead o Julian dates. He died on 8 Mairch 1702 by the staundart Julian calendar, but on 19 Mairch 1702 bi the Gregorian calendar. (However, the Inglis New Year fell on 25 Mairch, so bi Inglish reckonin o the time, William died on 8 Mairch 1701.) Unless itherwise notit, dates in this article follae the staundart Julian calendar, in which the New Year faws on 1 Januar.