Fandom (wabsteid)

free wab hostin service for wikis
(Reguidit frae Wikia)

Fandom,[lower-alpha 1] kent as Wikia an aw (especially afore October 2016) an Wikicities afore 2006, is a free wiki hostin service. The steid is free o chairge,[5] derivin its income frae advertisin an sauld content, publishin maist uiser-providit text unner copyleft licenses. Fandom hosts several hunder thoosan wikis uisin the open-source wiki software, MediaWiki.

Fandom, Inc.
Wikia Logo.svg
Teep o businessPrivate
Teep o steid
Wiki hostin service
Available inMultilingual
FoonditOctober 18, 2004; 15 years ago (2004-10-18)
HeidquartersSan Francisco, Californie, U.S.
Foonder(s)Jimmy Wales
Angela Beesley Starling
PresesJimmy Wales
CEOCraig Palmer
Employees300+ (2016)
Slogan(s)The Home of Fandom
Alexa rankIncrease 26 (US), 60 (global)(Apryle 2019)[3]
AdvertisinDirect an advertisin netwarks
LaunchedOctober 18, 2004; 15 years ago (2004-10-18)
Current statusActive
Written inPHP


  1. Umwhile stylisit as FANDOM[4]


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