Alexa Internet, Inc. is a Californie-based subsidiary company o which provides commercial wab traffic data. Foondit as an independent company in 1996, Alexa wis acquired bi Amazon in 1999. Its tuilbar collects data on browsing behavior an transmits it tae the Alexa wabsteid, whaur it is stored an analyzed, furmin the basis for the company's wab traffic reportin. As o 2013, Alexa provides traffic data, global rankins an ither information on 30 million wabsteids,[3] an its wabsteid is visitit bi ower 8.5 million fowk monthly.[2]

Alexa Internet, Inc.
2017 screenshot o home page
Teep o businessSubsidiary
Teep o steid
Wab traffic an rankin
Available inInglis
HeidquartersSan Francisco, Californie, U.S
IndustryInternet information providers
ProductsAlexa Wab Search (discontinued 2008)
Alexa tuilbar (acquired 1999)
Alexa ranknegative increase 1,472 (November 2013)[2]
Current statusActive


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