Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell is the 1981 debut album bi the Inglis hivy metal baund Venom. The soond o the album wis vera noisy an rough, aiblins in pairt acause the baund thocht thay wur recordin a demo when thay recordit the album ower a period o anerlie three days. Geoff Barton statit in his 1981 five-starn review o Welcome to Hell the album haed "the hi-fi dynamics o a 50-year-auld pizza" an it "brought a new meaning tae the wird 'cataclysmic'". Housomeivver, thae comments compared it tae ither hivy metal frae the early aichties.

Welcome to Hell
Studio album by Venom
ReleasedDecember 1981 (UK)
RecorditAugust 1981 at Impulse Studios
in Newcastle, Ingland
GenreSpeed metal, proto-thrash
ProducerKeith Nichol an Venom
Venom chronology
Welcome to Hell
Black Metal
(1982)Black Metal1982
Profeesional ratins
Review scores
Springheid Ratin
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

The album is aften describit as "speed metal", awtho it haed a great influence on the then-emerging thrash metal style.

The first vinyl pressin includit a poster an a pink leerics sheet.

Track leetinEedit


Aw tracks written bi Bray/Dunn/Lant.

Side A
1."Sons of Satan"3:38
2."Welcome to Hell"3:15
3."Mayhem With Mercy"0:58
5."Live Like an Angel"3:59
Side B
1."Witching Hour"3:40
2."One Thousand Days in Sodom"4:36
3."Angel Dust"2:43
4."In League With Satan"3:35
5."Red Light Fever"5:14


1."Sons of Satan"3:38
2."Welcome to Hell"3:15
4."Mayhem With Mercy"0:58
6."Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)"3:59
7."Witching Hour"3:40
8."One Thousand Days in Sodom"4:36
9."Angel Dust"2:43
10."In League With Satan"3:35
11."Red Light Fever"5:14
Bonus tracks in 1985 rerelease bi Combat
12."In Nomine Satanas"3:28
13."Bursting Out"2:56
Bonus tracks in 2002 rerelease bi Castle/Sanctuary
12."Angel Dust (Lead Weight version)"3:03
13."In League With Satan (7" version)"3:31
14."Live Like an Angel (7" version)"3:54
15."Bloodlust (7" version)"2:59
16."In Nomine Satanas (7" version)"3:29
17."Angel Dust (Demo)"3:10
18."Raise the Dead (Demo)"3:29
19."Red Light Fever (Demo)"4:51
20."Welcome to Hell (Demo)"4:57
21."Bitch Witch (Oottak)"3:08
22."Snots Shit (Oottak)"2:06

Comes wi a 12- page beuklet. Some versions hae slipcase kiver.



  1. Rivadavia, Eduardo. "Welcome to Hell - Venom". Allmusic. "Make no mistake: Welcome to Hell, more than any other album, crystallized the elements of what later became known as thrash, death, black, and virtually every other form of extreme metal".