The phrase Wastren Europe at its maist general meanin means 'aw the kintras in the Wast o Europe'. The concept at different times haes haed different meanins, at times includin poleetical an cultural conseederations as weel as geographical. The praisent defineetion, as geographically defined bi the CIA Warld Factbeuk[1] includes:

Stateestical regions o Europe as delineatit bi the Unitit Nations (UN defineetion o Wastern Europe merkit licht blue):

Wastren Europe:

Soothwastren Europe:

CIA Warld Factbeuk classification:
  Wastren Europe
  Soothwastren Europe

The Unit Naitions defineetion conseeders Wastren Europe tae conseest o the follaein nine kintras, cepna in the case o Unitit Nations Regional Groups, that includes northren an soothren Europe an aw:

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