(Reguidit frae Warwouf)

A werewolf (frae Auld Inglis: wer, "man") is a mythological or fowklairic human wi the abeelity tae shapeshift intae a wouf or a therianthropic hybrid wouf-lik craitur, either purposely or efter bein placed unner a curse or affliction (e.g. via a bite or scart frae anither warwouf). In Daemonologie, James VI o Scots wrate the furst kent screivins anent werewolfs in the Scots leid.[1]

Widcut o a werewolf attack, bi Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1512
GroupinLeegendar craitur
Seemilar craitursVampire
KintraRomanie, Serbie, Slovenie, Croatie, Macedonie, Bulgarie, Albanie, Hungary
RegionThe Americaes, Europe, Asie, Africae


  1. "King James and the Werewolves". Centre for the Scots Leid. The earliest kent screivings anent werewolfs – in the Scots leid – dates fae 1597. Nae less a cheil nor King Jamie VI wrate a wee tait aboot the subject.

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