The Wadensday is the day o the week atween Tysday an Fuirsday. Its name comes fae the Auld Inglis Ƿódnesdæȝ, meanin the day o Woden. The astrological sign o the warld Mercury represents Wadensday, an wis Dies Mercurii tae the Romans. In Scots, this becam Woden's Day acause the Roman god Mercury wis identified wi the Germanic god Woden in northren Europe.

Whan Sunday is taen as the first day o the week, the day in the middle o the eftergangin week is Wadensday. In the German, the name for Wadensday haes been Mittwoch (literally: "mid-week") sin the 10t century, cause it displaced the oreiginal name: Wodanstag.

Wadensday is in the middle o the common warkin week fae Monanday tae Fryday forby. Hooivver, see Fuirsday an ISO 8601.

In the popular rime, "Wadensday's bairn is fou wi wae".

In the Spaingie, miércoles is uised tae mean Wadensday, bit forby a hauf-rude euphemism for niver iver.

A Inglis leid eediom for Wadensday is "hump day", a reference tae makkin it throu the middle o the warkweek as gettin "ower the hump".

The name for the day in Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Greek, Ebreu an Portuguese is "fowert day". Quakers tradeitionally caas Wadensday the "Fowert Day" an aw, eschewin the "heathen" oreegin o the name "Wadensday".


The film Angel Hert includes a scene whaur Harry Angel refers tae Wadensday as "Oniething can happen day" in reference tae the original Mickey Moose Club televeision programme.