Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria; 24 Mey 1819 – 22 Januar 1901) wis Queen o the Unitit Kinrick o Great Brítain an Ireland frae 20 Juin 1837 till her daith.[1] IN 1877, she adoptit the addítional títle o Empress o Indie.[2]

Queen Victoria
Photograph of Queen Victoria, 1882
Victoria weirin her smaa diamond croun (1882)
Queen o the Unitit Kinrick
Ring20 Juin 1837 – 22 Januar 1901
Coronation28 Juin 1838
PredecessorWilliam IV
SuccessorEdward VII
Empress o Indie
Ring1 Mey 1876 – 22 Januar 1901
Imperial Durbar1 Januar 1877
SuccessorEdward VII
Born24 Mey 1819(1819-05-24)
Kensington Pailace, Lunnon
Dee'd22 Januar 1901(1901-01-22) (aged 81)
Osborne Hoose, Isle o Wight
Buirial4 Februar 1901
Frogmore, Windsor
SpousePrince Albert o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha
  • Victoria, Princess Ryal, German Empress
  • Edward VII
  • Princess Alice, Grand Duchess o Hesse
  • Alfred, Duke o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha
  • Helena, Princess Christian o Schleswig-Holstein
  • Princess Louise, Duchess o Argyll
  • Prince Arthur, Duke o Connaught
  • Prince Leopold, Duke o Albany
  • Beatrice, Princess Heinrich o Battenberg
Full name
Alexandrina Victoria
HooseHoose o Hanover
FaitherPrince Edward, Duke o Kent an Strathearn
MitherPrincess Victoria o Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
SeegnaturQueen Victoria's signature

Victoria wis the dauchter o Prince Edward, Duke o Kent, the fowert son o Kíng George III. Baith the Duke o Kent an Kíng George dee'd in 1820, an Victoria wis raised unner close supervísion bi her German-born mither, Princess Victoria o Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. She inheritit the throne at the age o 18, efter her faither's three elder brithers haed aw dee'd, leavin na survivin legitimate childer.[3] The Unitit Kinrick wis awreidy an established constitutional monarchy, in that the sovereign held relatively little direct polítical pouer. Prívatly, Victoria attemptit tae influence govrenment policy an mínisterial appyntments; publicly, she becam a naitional icon that wis identified wi strict staundarts o personal morality.

Queen Victoria (1848) by Herbert Luther Smith (1811-1870) in Aiberdeen Art Gallery

Victoria mairied her first cousin, Prince Albert, oan 10 Februar 1840.[4] Thair nine childer mairied intae ryal an noble faimilies athort the continent, tyin them thegither an earnin her the sobriquet "the grandmither o Europe". Efter Albert's daith in 1861, Victoria plunged intae deep mournin an avydit public appearances.[5] As a result o her seclusion, republicanism temporarily gained strenth, but in the latter hauf o her ring her popularity rekivered. Her Gowden an Diamond Jubilees war times o public celebration.

Her reign o 63 year an seeven month wis langer nor that o ony o her predecessors, an is kent as the Victorian era. It wis a period o industrial, cultural, poleetical, scienteefic, an militar cheenge within the Unitit Kinrick, an wis merked bi a great expansion o the Brítish Empire. She wis the last Brítish monarch o the Hoose o Hanover. Her son an successor, Edward VII, inítiatit the Hoose o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha, the line o his faither.

Issue eedit

  1. Princess Victoria of the Unitit Kinrick, Princess Ryal (21 November 1840 – 5 August 1901) mairit Friedrich III, German Emperor an haed issue.
  2. Prince Edward o the Unitit Kinrick (9 November 1841 – 6 Mey 1910) mairit Princess Alexandra o Denmark an haed issue.
  3. Princess Alice o the Unitit Kinrick (25 Aprile 1843 – 14 December 1878) mairit Ludwig IV, Grand Duke o Hesse an haed issue.
  4. Alfred o the Unitit Kinrick, Duke o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha (6 August 1844 – 30 Julie 1900) mairit Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna o Roushie an haed issue.
  5. Princess Helena o the Unitit Kinrick (25 Mey 1846 – 9 Juin 1923) mairit Prince Christian o Schleswig-Holstein an haed issue.
  6. Princess Louise o the Unitit Kinrick (18 Mairch 1848 – 3 December 1939) mairit John Campbell, 9t Duke o Argyll an haed issue.
  7. Prince Arthur o the Unitit Kinrick, Duke o Connaught an Strathearn (1 Mey 1850 – 16 Januar 1942) mairit Princess Luise Margarete o Proushie an haed issue.
  8. Prince Leopold o the Uniotit Kinrick, Duke o Albany (7 Aprile 1853 – 28 Mairch 1884) mairit Princess Helene o Waldeck an Pyrmont an haed issue.
  9. Princess Beatrice o the Unitit Kinrick 14 Aprile 1857 – 26 October 1944) mairit Prince Heinrich o Battenberg an haed issue.[6]

Teetles an styles eedit

  • 24 Mey 1819 – 20 Juin 1837 Her Ryal Highness Princess Alexandrina Victoria o Kent.
  • 20 Juin 1837 – 22 Januar 1901 Her Majesty The Queen.

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