Vaud (French pronunciation: ​[vo]) is ane o the 26 cantons o Swisserland an is locatit in Romandy, the French-speakin soothwastren pairt o the kintra. The caipital is Lausanne. The name o the Canton in Swisserland's ither leids are Vaud in Italian (Italian pronunciation: [vo]), Waadt in German (pronounced [ˈvaːt]), an Vad in Romansh.

Canton de Vaud
Coat of airms o Canton de Vaud
Coat airms
Cairt o Swisserland, location o Vaud highlighted
Location in Swisserland
Cairt o Vaud

Karte Kanton Waadt 2010.png
Coordinates: 46°37′N 6°33′E / 46.617°N 6.550°E / 46.617; 6.550Coordinates: 46°37′N 6°33′E / 46.617°N 6.550°E / 46.617; 6.550
Subdivisions339 municipalities, 10 districts
 • ExecutiveConseil d’État (7)
 • LegislativeGrand Cooncil (150)
 • Total3211.94 km2 (1,240.14 sq mi)
 • Total773,407
 • Density240/km2 (620/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeCH-VD
Heichest point3,210 m (10,531 ft): Diablerets
Lawest point372 m (1,220 ft): Lake Geneva

Poleetical subdiveesionsEedit


Destricts o the Canton o Vaud

The Canton o Vaud is dividit intae 10 destricts:


Thare are 376 municipalities in the canton.


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