Varese (Italian: [vaˈreːze] ( listen), Latin Baretium, archaic German: Väris, Varès in Varesino) is a toun an comune in north-wastren Lombardy, northren Italy, 55 kilometre (34 mile) north o Milan.

Città di Varese
Palazzo Estense, toun haw o Varese
Palazzo Estense, toun haw o Varese
Coat of airms o Varese
Coat airms
Varese is located in Italy
Location o Varese in Italy
Coordinates: 45°49′N 08°50′E / 45.817°N 8.833°E / 45.817; 8.833
ProvinceVarese (VA)
FrazioniAvigno, Belforte, Biumo Inferiore, Biumo Superiore, Bizzozero, Bobbiate, Bosto, Bregazzana, Bustecche, Calcinate degli Orrigoni, Calcinate del Pesce, Campo dei Fiori, Capolago, Cartabbia, Casa Bassa, Casbeno, Cascina Gualtino, Cascina Mentasti, Caverzasio, Fogliaro, Gaggio, Giubiano, Lissago, Masnago, Mirasole, Mustonate, Oronco, Prima Cappella, Rasa di Varese, San Fermo, Sangallo, Santa Maria del Monte, Sant'Ambrogio, Schiranna, Ungheria, Velate
 • MayorAttilio Fontana (LN)
 • Total54 km2 (21 sq mi)
382 m (1,253 ft)
 (1 Januar 2012)
 • Total79,405
 • Density1,500/km2 (3,800/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Diallin code0332
Patron sauntSan Vittore
Saunt dayMay 8
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid

It is the caipital o the Province o Varese. The hinterland or urban pairt o the ceety is cried Varesotto.

Geografie eedit

The toun o Varese lees at the feet o Sacro Monte di Varese, pairt o the Campo dei Fiori muntain range. The toun looks ower Loch Varese an aw.

Demographics eedit

Varese, lik the province, haes a vera heich immigrant population awin tae baith its economy (mony multi-naitional companies an the nearbi EU institution JRC) an its location (proximity tae Milan maks it an ideal place for the latter ceety's wirkers).

History eedit

In 1859, Giuseppe Garibaldi confrontit Austrian forces led bi Field Marshal-Lieutenant Carl Baron Urban near Varese. An aw, it wis here whaur Alessandro Marchetti's Savoia-Marchetti SM.93 made his first test flichts.

Transport eedit

The toun is servit bi baith the state-run Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) an Ferrovie Nord Milano (TRENORD), baith o which run heich-frequency train services tae Milan. In addition, thare is a project unner wey tae connect Varese wi Malpensa Airport; this line wad then continue past Varese tae Mendrisio an Lugano in Swisserland. Construction o the Varese-Mendrisio section (17.7 kilometer (11.0 mi) lang) is expectit tae begin in 2009.[1]

The toun haes baith an extensive ceety bus netwirk an provincial bus services. The A8 motorwey connects Varese wi Milan. This motorwey wis pairt o the first toll road seestem in the warld. The Italian govrenment gae permission in 2008 tae stairt wirks on the lang awaitit Varese-Como-Bergamo motorwey, which wad include a bypass o the toun o Varese an aw. Wirks are tae stairt in 2010, an thay micht be feenished bi 2013.[2]

Main sichts eedit

The toun is maist famous for the Sacro Monte di Varese ('the saucrit muntain o Varese'), a place o pilgrimage an wirship. It is ane o the Sacri Monti o Piemont an Lombardy, includit on the UNESCO Warld Heritage leet.

Economy eedit

The economy o Varese is mainly based on industrie an, tae a lesser extent, specialisit agriculturesome famous Varese-based firms are:

an mony mair as it is ane o the maist industrialisit as in Northren Italy.

Varese is close tae the Malpensa Internaitional Airport, which serves the internaitional traffec o Milan.

Education eedit

Varese is hame tae a European School, the European School, Varese, which wis established in 1960 for the childer o European Union staff, who wirk mainly at ane o the three institutes o the Joint Research Centre in nearbi Ispra.

It is ane o the twa steids o the Varsity o Insubria.

Muisic festivals eedit

Sport eedit

Varese is kent for the Pallacanestro Varese which played, in the 1970s, 10 European Champions Cup feenals in a row an wan 5 o thaim.

Internaitional relations eedit

Twin touns — Sister ceeties eedit

Varese is twinned wi:

References eedit

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