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Universal Music Group (an aa kent in the Unitit States as UMG Recordings, Inc. an abbreviatit as UMG) is an American global muisic corporation that is a subsidiary o the French media conglomerate Vivendi.

Universal Music Group
Industrie Muisic & enterteenment
Foondit September 1934; 84 years ago (1934-09)
(as Decca Records USA)
1989 (1989) (as MCA Music Entertainment Group)
1996 (1996) (first UMG incarnation frae MCA Records)
Mey 1998 (1998-05) (seicont UMG incarnation frae PolyGram)
Heidquarters Santa Monica, Californie, U.S.
Key fowk
Lucian Grainge (Chairman & CEO)
Boyd Muir (CFO)
Revenue Increase$1.552 billion (2012)
Nummer o employees
6,967 (2010)
Parent Vivendi
Diveesions Leet o Universal Music Group labels
Subsidiaries PolyGram Entertainment