Santa Monica, Californie

Santa Monica is a stron ceity locatit in wastern Los Angeles County , California, USA, bi the Pacific Ocean, sooth o Pacific Palisades an Brentwood, wast o Westwood, Los Angeles, an north o Venice. Hit is named for Saunt Monica o Hippo.

Santa Monica Shore

Santa Monica is kent for haein a fair feck o Breetish an Erse Indwallers, whilk accoonts for the numerous pubs in the ceity, an breetish shops whilk inbrings onie thing fae Irn-Bru tae Imperial Leather. Ane o thae shops is Tudor House.

Coordinates: 34°01′19″N 118°28′53″W / 34.0219°N 118.4814°W / 34.0219; -118.4814