Unitit States Air Force

aerial warfare service branch o the Unitit States Airmed Forces an ane o the seiven American uniformed services
(Reguidit frae United States Air Force)

The United States Air Force (USAF) is the aerial warfare service branch o the Unitit States Airmed Forces an ane o the seiven American uniformed services. Initially pairt o the Unitit States Airmy, the USAF wis furmed as a separate branch o the militar on 18 September 1947 unner the Naitional Security Act o 1947.[5] It is the maist recent branch o the U.S. militar tae be furmed, an is the lairgest an ane o the warld's maist technologically advanced air forces. The USAF articulates its core functions as Nuclear Deterrence Operations, Special Operations, Air Superiority, Global Integrated ISR, Space Superiority, Command an Control, Cyberspace Superiority, Personnel Recovery, Global Precision Attack, Biggin Partnerships, Rapid Global Mobility an Agile Combat Support.[6]

Unitit States Air Force
Seal of the United States Department of the Air Force.svg
Seal o the Depairtment o the Air Force
Active18 September 1947 – present
(75 years, 6 months)
Kintra Unitit States o Americae
AllegianceConstitution o the Unitit States
TeepAir force
Size332,854 active personnel
185,522 ceevilian personnel
71,400 reserve personnel
106,700 air guard personnel
$140 billion budget
5,484 aircraft
450 ICBMs
63 satellites[2]
Pairt oDepairtment o the Air Force
HeidquartersThe Pentagon
Motto(s)"Aim High ... Fly-Fecht-Win"[3]
ColoursUltramarine Blue an Air Force Yellae[4]         
MairchThe U.S. Air Force Audio file "The Air Force Song.ogg" nae foond
EngagementsKorean War
Vietnam War
Iranian Hostage Rescue
Invasion o Grenada
Bombin o Libie (1986)
Invasion o Panama
Persian Gulf War
Somali Ceevil War
Bosnie War
Kosovo War
War in Afghanistan
Iraq War
Bombin o Libie (2011)
Commander-in-ChiefPreses Donald Trump
Secretar o DefenceThe Honourable James Mattis
Secretar o the Air ForceThe Honourable Deborah Lee James
Chief o StaffGen David L. Goldfein
Vice Chief o StaffGen Stephen W. Wilson
Chief Master SergeantCMSAF James A. Cody
Unitit States Air Force flagFlag of the United States Air Force.svg
Unitit States Air Force seembolUSAF logo.png
USAF "Hap" Arnold SeembolUS Army Air Corps Hap Arnold Wings.svg
U.S. Air Force Pipe Band TartanUsaf mitchell tartan.jpg
RoundelRoundel of the USAF.svg
Aircraft flewn
AttackA-10, AC-130
BomberB-52H, B-1B, B-2
E-3, E-8, EC-130
FechterF-15C, F-15E, F-16, F-22
HelicopterUH-1N, HH-60
ReconnaissanceU-2, RC-135, MC-12 Liberty, RQ/MQ-1, RQ-4, RQ-170
TrainerT-6, T-38, T-1, TG-16, T-53
TransportC-130, C-135, C-5, C-9, C-17, VC-25, C-32, C-37, C-21, C-12, C-40, CV-22
TankerKC-10, KC-135


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