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Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier (31 December, 1491 - 1 September, 1557) wis a French traider an splorer that is thocht o as ane o the major discoverers o Canadae, or mair speceificlie, the inner eastren region that wad become the foremaist European-settlt pairt o that kintra.

He wis frae Saunt Malo, Fraunce, born in the year 1491 tae a weel-respeckit faimlie o marinars. He bettered his social status in 1520 bi mairryin Catherine des Granches, member o a leading gailley-ainin faimlie. His guid name in Saint-Malo is recognisit bi its monie appearances in baptismal registers as godfaither or witness.

Nae contemporary picter o Jacques Cartier haes been funnd an the best kent picter (see richt) wis pentit bi a Roushian airtist in 1839 for the ceity o Saunt-Malo.

Gey little is kent o Cartier's chairacter or personality but his professional abeilities can be eithly jaloused conseiderin that Cartier led three vaiges o discovery in nae mowes an hithertil unco watters athoot losin a gailey, that he entered intil an depairtit fae fiftie undiscovered herbours athoot sairious mishanter, an that the anerly seefairmen o his that deid wis victims o an epidemic ashore. Tharefor he micht be conseidered ane o the maist conscientious splorers o the time.

Jacques Cartier wis the first European tae describe and cairt the Gulf o Saunt Lawrence an the shores o the Saunt Lawrence River, which he named "The Kintra o Canadas", efter the Iroquois names for the twa big settlements he saw at Stadacona (Quebec Ceety) an at Hochelaga (Montreal Island).