Tarija Depairtment

Tarija is a depairtment in Bolivie. It is locatit in sooth-eastren Bolivie borderin Argentinae tae the sooth an Paraguay tae the east. Accordin tae the 2001 census, it haes a population o 391,226 indwallers. It haes an aurie o 37.623 km². The ceety o Tarija is the caipital o the depairtment.

Tarija Depairtment
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Coat of airms o Tarija Depairtment
Coat airms
¡La Muy Leal y Muy Fiel! (The verra leal an verra faithfu!)
Anthem: Lyrics: Tomás O’Connor D'Arlach Music: Juan Fiori - starts with "Tarijeños la fama pregona...."
Tarija in Bolivie
Tarija in Bolivie
Coordinates: 21°35′S 63°50′W / 21.583°S 63.833°W / -21.583; -63.833Coordinates: 21°35′S 63°50′W / 21.583°S 63.833°W / -21.583; -63.833
 • GovrenorMario Cossío (CC)
 • Senators
 • Total37623 km2 (14,526 sq mi)
 • % of Bolivia3.42 km2 (1.32 sq mi)
 • Total482,196
 • Density13/km2 (33/sq mi)
Leids (speakers)
 • Spaingie365,710
 • Quechua37,337
 • Aymara7,219
 • Guaraní4,578
ISO 3166 codeBO-T
WebsiteDepartment website

The depairtment is dividit intae five provinces an ane autonomous region:

  1. Aniceto Arce
  2. Burdett O'Connor
  3. Cercado
  4. Eustaquio Méndez
  5. Gran Chaco (autonomous region)
  6. José María Avilés

Notable places in Tarija include:

The Depairtment o Tarija is renouned for its mild, pleasant climate, an comprises ane o the kintra's foremaist agricultural regions. Its ceetizens hae tradeetionally felt close tae, an conductit a lively internaitional tred wi, neebourin touns o northren Argentinae. Atween 1816-1898, the region wis pairt o Argentinae, an wis cedit tae Bolivie in exchynge for Puna de Atacama.

Tarija boasts Sooth Americae's seicont-lairgest natural gas reserves. Increased gas revenues an foreign direct investment in gas exploration an distribution are fuelin growt an turnin Tarija intae Bolivia's next industrial hub. Poleetical instability at the naitional level haes hindered development o the reserves, as the region haes chosen tae align wi pro-autonomy forces whose goal is the devolution o considerable powers awa frae the central govrenment in favor o the depairtments.

Mair nor 20 different Indigenous tribes, rangin in population frae 20 fowks up tae 1500, live in the region. The Guarani is the lairgest tribe.

Important battles an events relatit tae the 1932-35 Chaco War wi Paraguay teuk place in the depairtment's eastren dry lands. Tarija wis the hame o Victor Paz Estenssoro, leader o the 1952 Bolivie Revolution an fower-time Constitutional Preses.



The main economic activity is the wine industry. The land an climate are ideal for grape an wine production. The ceety o Tarija haulds an annual Festival o Wine an Cheese.

The petroleum industry is important no anerlie for the region but for the kintra as a whole an aw, especially the gas industry which is exportit tae Argentinae an Brazil. The autonomous region o Gran Chaco is frae whaur maist o the gas is exploitit.



The leids spoken in the depairtment are mainly Spaingie, Quechua, Aymara an Guaraní. The follaein table shows the nummers belangin tae the recognizit groups o speakers.[1]

Leid Depairtment Bolivie
Quechua 37,337 2,281,198
Aymara 7,219 1,525,321
Guaraní 4,578 62,575
Anither native 2,468 49,432
Spaingie 365,710 6,821,626
Foreign 5,662 250,754
Anerlie native 4,562 960,491
Native an Spaingie 44,461 2,739,407
Spaingie an foreign 322,098 4,115,751

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