Sita Murt

Spainyie fashion designer

Sita Murt (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈsitə ˈmurt]; Igualada, Barcelona 1946 – 1 Dizember 2014) wis a Spainyie fashion designer an businesswumman. Her name Sita is a diminutive frae Carmencita.[1] As a fast-expandin weemen's label, Sita Murt is designed wi the young, feminine, fun-luvin wumman in mind an haes a emphasis on saft, sensual fabrics.[2] The Sita Murt designs are mercatit bi the company Esteve Aguilera SA, that produces mair nor 200.000 jerseys an ither pieces o clothin per year,[1] servin mair nor 1.900 sales locations, includin internaitional depairtment stores such as Galeries Lafayette or Tzum frae Moscow.[3] Some o her products hae been uised at the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona.[4]

Sita Murt at The Brandery show, in 2010


Sita Murt wis born as the dochter o the awner o a tannery in Igualada an nou belangs tae the third generation o a textile industry dynasty in Igualada. At a early age, she uised tae collect smaw pieces o leather at the faimily factory, which she tree'd tae uise for creatin pieces o clothin. Sita studiet at the Sarrià Schuil o Textile Design, managit bi Ramón Folch.[5] She marriet Toni Esteve Enrich, manager o the Esteve Aguilera company foondit in 1924 an incorporatit as SA in 1965. Efter some years, when her kids haed grown, Sita stairtit bein involvit in the design o products, mainly knittit jerseys.[6] Sita stairtit tae create her awn designs. The early daith o her husband Toni in 1984 chyngit aw plans. Sita's faither-in-law decidit tae appynt her as the company manager, despite the reluctance o some persons due tae the fact she wis young an a wumman.[1] Sita wirkit haurd an her company is the day a guid example for ither Catalan companies.

Syne 1989 the company attends mony fashion shows tae present the new collections, includin Salons Gaudí in Barcelona, Pasarela Cibeles in Madrid, Bread & Butter in Germany an Barcelona, The Brandery in Barcelona, Premium (Berlin), Gallery (Copenhagen), Coterie (New York) an Modefabriek, Who’s Next an Paris sur Mode (Paris).[5] The company replacit the oreeginal buist Esteve, tae Sita Murt, an haes opened several direct stores an an ootlet store in Igualada. Sita's descendants, Toni, Iago, Isabel an Albert, hae wirkit at the company in different poseetions. In 2005 the company recruitit a new CEO, Julia Cher, previously Commercial Director o a Catalan fashion Company DIKTON'S, an in 2007 wi the assignment o the new CEO, Jordi Balsells, umwhile Sales Manager o Desigual.[1] In 2008 the company addit a line o Fashion accessories an complements[5] an in 2010 a collection o shoes. The first direct store ootside Spain wis open in Paris in Mey 2010 sponsored bi the actress Victoria Abril. Miquel Ramis wis appointit CEO in 2011.


Murt dee'd o cancer on 1 Dizember 2014 at the age o 68.[7]



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