Shinnel Watter, spelt Shinnell an aw, is a river in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland.

Shinnel Watter

It rises in the Scaur Hills o Tynron Pairish in the Soothren Uplands at an altitude o 1,509 fit, an flowes 13 mile tae jyne Scaur Watter near Penpont, at an altitude o aboot 230 fit. Thare is twa kenspeckle featurs o the Shinnel; at the meetin o the twa rivers, it flowes ower a scaur wi some force; an three mile upstream, the river forms a weel-farrant watterfaw at Aird Linn.

Like Scaur Watter, the Shinnel is weel kent for troot fishin an flowes throu birk forest and aik forest.