Sebastián Pagador Province

Sebastián Pagador
Location in Bolivie
Bolivia Oruro Sebastián Pagador.png
Main Data
Caipital Santiago de Huari
Aurie 973 km²
Population 10,221 (2001)
Densitie 10.5 inhabitants/km² (2001)
ISO 3166-2 BO.OR.SP

Sebastián Pagador is a province in the sootheastren pairts o the Bolivie depairtment o Oruro.


Sebastián Pagador province is ane o saxteen provinces in the Oruro Depairtment. It is locatit atween 18° 55' an 19° 30' Sooth an atween 65° 49' an 66° 37' Wast.

It borders the northren pairt o Eduardo Avaroa Province in the Northeast an North, Sud Carangas Province an Ladislao Cabrera Province in the Northwast, the soothren pairt o Eduardo Avaroa Province in the Soothwast, an Potosí Depairtment in the Sootheast.

The province extends ower 50 km frae North tae Sooth, an 100 km frae East tae Wast.


Main idiom o the province is Spaingie, spoken bi 74 %, while 73 % o the population speak Aymara an 63 % Quechua.

The population increased frae 7,712 inhabitants (1992 census) tae 10,221 (2001 census), an increase o 32.5 %. - 43.6 % o the population are younger than 15 years auld.

75 % o the population hae nae access tae electricity, 95 % hae nae sanitary facilities.

74.1 % o the population are employed in agriculture, 0.2 % in minin, 7.9 % in industrie, 17.8 % in general services (2001).

84 % o the population are Catholics, 14 % are Protestants (1992).


The province comprises anerlie ane municipality, Santiago de Huari Municipality. It is identical taethe province.

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