Scots Leeberal Democrats

(Reguidit frae Scots Leiberal Democrats)

The Scots Leeberal Democrats (Inglis: Scottish Liberal Democrats; Scots Gaelic: Libearal Deamocratach nla h-Alba) is a leeberal an social-leeberal poleetical pairty in Scotland. The pairty hauds 4 o the 129 seats in the Scots Pairlament an 4 o the 59 Scots seats in the Hoose o Commons o the Unitit Kinrick.

Scots Leeberal Democrats
Libearalaich Deamocratach na h-Alba
Scotis Whigamore Pairtie
LeaderAlex Cole-Hamilton
Deputy LeaderAlistair Carmichael
PresesWillie Wilson
Foondit8 Mairch 1988; 36 years ago (1988-03-08)
Heidquarters4 Clifton Terrace
EH12 5DR
Youth weengScots Young Leeberals
Membership  (Dec. 2019)Increase 5,260
Social liberalism[2]
British unionism[3]
Poleetical poseetionCentre-Centre Left
Internaitional affiliationLeeberal Internaitional
European affiliationAlliance o Leeberals an Democrats for Europe
Scots seats in the Hoose o Commons
4 / 59
Scots Pairlament
4 / 129
Local govrenment in Scotland
67 / 1,223
Politics o Scotland
Political parties

The Scots Leeberal Democrats cam tae pouer wi Labour in Scotland efter the Scots Pairlament election in 1999, an continued tae serve in government in Scotland until the Scots Pairlament election in 2007. Since then, the pairty has been dwynin an noo ony hauds fower seats in the Scots Pairlament, compare't tae the seiventeen thay ance haen.

Alex Cole-Hamilton wis electit leader in 2021 efter the resignation o Willie Rennie, whae served as leader fir ower 10 year. Cole-Hamilton is yin o the first Leeb Dem leaders in the UK tae hae nae links wi the Conservative-Leeb Dem coalition o 2010-2015, that saw the pairty lose maist o its seats at Westminster.


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