(Reguidit frae Social liberalism)

Leeberalism is a poleetical philosophy or warldview foondit on ideas o leeberty an equality. The first principle is stressed in clessical leeberalism while the latter is mair evident in social leeberalism.[1] It is first come intae uiss in the 18t hunneryeir.

In different kintras


It can mean different things bi the wey o the kintra: in the Unitit Kinrick, it is associate wi the Leeberal Democrats (UK), in Americae, it is assicate thir days wi the Democratic pairty an in Fraunce it uisually means laissez-faire capitalism or neoliberalism.

Social vs. Classical


Social leeberalism believes that the richt tae freedom frae coercion should include a societal foondation, whereas classical leeberalism puts primary emphasis is placed on securin the freedom o the individual bi leemitin the pouer o the govrenment.


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