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The Labour Pairty is ane o the muckle poleitical pairtys o the Unitit Kinrick. It is the opposition pairty in the Wastmeenster Pairlament o the Unitit Kinrick the nou. The heidsman is Heidsman o the Opposition o the Unitit Kinrick, Jeremy Corbyn. He is efter Gordon Brown whae wis efter Tony Blair whae wis the first Prime Meenister frae the pairty tae hiv haed three consecutive terms in govrenment.

Labour Pairty
Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP
Deputy Leader Tom Watson MP
General Secretar Iain McNicol
Foondit 27 Februar 1900; 119 years ago (1900-02-27)[1][2]
Heidquarters Labour Central
Kings Manor
Newcastle upon Tyne
Student weeng Labour Students
Youth weeng Young Labour
Membership  (2016) Increase 388,407 [3]
Ideology Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Poleetical poseetion Centre-left
Internaitional affiliation Progressive Alliance,
Socialist Internaitional (observer)
European affiliation Pairty o European Socialists
European Pairlament group Progressive Alliance o Socialists an Democrats
Colours      Reid
Hoose o Commons
229 / 650
Hoose o Lords
187 / 780
European Pairlament
20 / 73
Scots Pairlament
24 / 129
Welsh Assembly
29 / 60
Lunnon Assembly
12 / 25
Local govrenment
6,885 / 20,565
Polis & Crime Commissioners
15 / 40
Directly-electit Mayors
13 / 17

In Scotland, it is cried the Scots Labour Pairty. Wi mair commissioners than ony ither pairty but the Scottis Naitional Pairty in the Scots Pairlament, it leads the hame rule opposition. Its heidswumman wis Wendy Alexander.

It is nou regairdit as mair o a socialist pairty again, acause Tony Blair isna in charge nou.


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