Santa Fe Province

The Province o Santa Fe, in Spaingie Provincia de Santa Fe (pronoonced: [santa ˈfe]), is a province o Argentinae, locatit in the centre-east o the kintra. Neebourin provinces are frae the north clockwise Chaco (dividit bi the 28t parallel sooth), Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, an Santiago del Estero. Thegither wi Córdoba an Entre Ríos, the province is pairt o the economico-political association kent as the Center Region.

Santa Fe
Banner o Santa Fe
Coat of airms o Santa Fe
Coat airms
Location o Santa Fe Province athin Argentinae
Location o Santa Fe Province athin Argentinae
CaipitalSanta Fe de la Vera Cruz
Municipalities an communes352
 • GovrenorOmar Perotti
 • LegislaturChamber o Deputies (50)
Senate (19)
 • Naitional Deputies
 • National SenatorsCarolina Losada, Dionisio Scarpin, Marcelo Lewandowski
 • Total133007 km2 (51,354 sq mi)
 • Total3,194,537
 • Rank3rd
 • Density24/km2 (62/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−3 (ART)
ISO 3166 codeAR-S

Santa Fe's maist important ceeties are Rosario (population 908,000), the caipital Santa Fe (369,000), Rafaela (83,000), Villa Gobernador Gálvez (74,000), Venado Tuerto (69,000), Reconquista (66,000), an Santo Tomé (58,000).

The adult leeteracy rate in the province is 96.3%

Admeenistrative diveesionEedit

Simplifee'd poleetical map o Santa Fe Province, showin depairtmental borders an heid touns
Soy fields near Runciman. The soy harvest, maistly for export, dominates Santa Fe agricultur.

The province is dividit intae 19 depairtments (in Spaingie, departamentos), an the depairtments are dividit in destricts which can be organisit as communes or municipalities. The communes are smawer touns, generally admeenistered bi a local commission led bi a "communal preses". The municipalities, which must hae mair nor 10,000 inhabitants, are wha is commonly cried "ceeties". Municipalities hae an executive officer (a mayor, cried intendente) an a legislative body (cried Concejo Municipal, a deliberative cooncil). For admeenistrative purposes, each depairtment haes a heid toun (cabecera), which mey be either kynd o destrict.

Depairtment Population Aurie Heid toun
Belgrano 41,449 2,386 km2 (921 sq mi) Las Rosas
Caseros 79,096 3,449 km2 (1,332 sq mi) Casilda
Castellanos 162,165 6,600 km2 (2,500 sq mi) Rafaela
Constitución 83,045 3,225 km2 (1,245 sq mi) Villa Constitución
Garay 19,913 3,964 km2 (1,531 sq mi) Helvecia
General López 182,113 11,558 km2 (4,463 sq mi) Melincué
General Obligado 166,436 10,928 km2 (4,219 sq mi) Reconquista
Iriondo 65,486 3,184 km2 (1,229 sq mi) Cañada de Gómez
La Capital 489,505 3,055 km2 (1,180 sq mi) Santa Fe
Las Colonias 95,202 6,439 km2 (2,486 sq mi) Esperanza
Nueve de Julio 28,273 16,870 km2 (6,510 sq mi) Tostado
Rosario 1,121,441 1,890 km2 (730 sq mi) Rosario
San Cristóbal 64,935 14,850 km2 (5,730 sq mi) San Cristóbal
San Javier 29,912 6,929 km2 (2,675 sq mi) San Javier
San Jerónimo 77,253 4,282 km2 (1,653 sq mi) Coronda
San Justo 40,379 5,575 km2 (2,153 sq mi) San Justo
San Lorenzo 142,097 1,867 km2 (721 sq mi) San Lorenzo
San Martín 60,698 4,860 km2 (1,880 sq mi) Sastre
Vera 51,303 21,096 km2 (8,145 sq mi) Vera


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