Safed (Hebrew: צְפַת‬, Tzfat; Arabic: صفد‎, Ṣafad, Ashkenazi: Tzfas; Biblical: Ṣ'fath), is a ceety in the Northren Destrict o Israel. Locatit at an elevation o 900 metres (2,953 ft), Safed is the heichest ceety in the Galilee an o Israel.[2] Due tae its heich elevation, Safed experiences warm simmers an cauld, often snowy, winters.[3] Since the sixteenth century, Safed haes been considered ane o Judaism's Fower Holy Ceeties, alang wi Jerusalem, Hebron an Tiberias;[4] syne that time, the ceety haes remained a centre of Kabbalah (forby kent as Jewish mysticism).


  • צְפַת
  • صفد
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259Çpat
 • Transleet.Tz'fat
 • An aa spelledTsfat, Tzefat, Zfat, Ẕefat (offeecial)
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Safed is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°57′57″N 35°29′54″E / 32.96583°N 35.49833°E / 32.96583; 35.49833Coordinates: 32°57′57″N 35°29′54″E / 32.96583°N 35.49833°E / 32.96583; 35.49833
FoonditCanaanite age
 • TeepCeety
 • MayorIlan Shohat
900 m (3,000 ft)
 • Total33,358

Due tae its bonnie settin surroondit bi pine forests an its mild mid-year temperatures, Safed haes become a simmer holiday resort frequentit bi Israelis an foreign visitors alike.[5]


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