Rifaat Eid

Lebanese politician

Rifaat Ali Eid is the leader o the Lebanese Arab Democratic Pairty. The pairty haes the lairgest support o Lebanese Alawites, an its base is Tripoli, Lebanon, in the Jabal Mohsen neebourheid.[1] Rifaat teuk ower its leadership efter his faither, umwhile MP Ali Eid.

Rifaat Eid
Leader o the Arab Democratic Pairty
Precedit biAli Eid
Personal details
BornTripoli, Lebanon
Poleetical pairtyArab Democratic Pairty

He lead the pairty throu the Bab Al-Tabbaneh-Jabal Mohsen clashes that hae repeatedly happened frae 2008 onwards, an hae supportit indwallers o Jabal Mohsen financially when thay coud no gang tae wirk acause o airmit conflicts. Durin the 2008 conflict in Lebanon, whare Sunnis an Shias focht throughoot Lebanon, Rifaat said in an interview: "We're the maist convenient targets, the staund-in for Hezbollah, oor problem can anerlie be solvit when the Shiites an Sunnis solve theirs."[2] He statit that Alawites in Tripoli dae no hae problems wi Sunnis, but hae tae pertect thairsels when thay are attackt.[3] He an aw statit "The Salafis are like kittens when they are weak, but when they are strang they become like tigers,"[4]


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