Río San Juan Depairtment

Río San Juan is a depairtment in Nicaragua. It wis formit in 1957 frae pairts o Chontales an Zelaya depairtments. It covers an aurie o 7,473 km² an haes a population o 95,500 (2005 census). The capital is San Carlos. The depairtment includes the Solentiname Islands airchipelago an the San Juan River an aw, efter which it is namit. Trinidad, in Río San Juan, is the maist sootherly point in Nicaragua.

Río San Juan
Kintra Nicaragua
Caipital San Carlos
Area 7,473 km2 (2,885 sq mi)
Population 95,500 (2005)
ISO 3166-2 NI-SJ


  1. El Almendro
  2. El Castillo
  3. Morrito
  4. San Carlos
  5. San Juan de Nicaragua
  6. San Miguelito