El Almendro (meanin "The Almond Tree") is a rural municipality in the Río San Juan depairtment o Nicaragua.

El Almendro
El Almendro is located in Nicaragua
El Almendro
El Almendro
Location in Nicaragua
Coordinates: 11°40′39″N 84°42′10″W / 11.67750°N 84.70278°W / 11.67750; -84.70278
Kintra Nicaragua
DepairtmentRío San Juan Depairtment
 • Municipality1.009 km2 (0.390 sq mi)
 • Municipality13,363
 • Metro

Tradition states that El Almendro wis foondit in 1892, when Nery López, Perfecto Romero Acosta, Francisco González, an ithers, searchers o rubber trees an growers o Ipecacuanha (kent locally as raicilleros) arrivit leukin for rubber an Ipecacuanha (kent locally as raicilla).

Ipecacuanha played an important pairt in the toun's history, an it wis ane o the lairgest exporters o rubber in the warld. But later production fell. Near the end o the 1970s the inhabitants turned tae fermin, but the day produce less nor 10% o wha they uised tae produce accordin tae local resident José Benito Acevedo, 70.

In the 1970s, Julio Barrios, Federico Brenes, Ángela Acevedo, Raúl Rocha, Norma Mejía y Cándido Mejía, this last ane haein perished, travelled tae the ceety o San Miguelito tae get a survey done. Acevedo relates that it teuk them 4 years tae get the toun incorporatit intae a ceety.

In El Almendro's pairk they built a bust tae the priest Lucinio Martínez, who foondit la Asociación para el Desarrollo de El Almendro (The El Almendro Development Society) or ASODEAL, bi means o which progressive projects are brocht tae the ceety. Father Lucinio is weel kent in this toun.