Morrito is a municipality in the Río San Juan depairtment o Nicaragua.

Morrito is located in Nicaragua
Location in Nicaragua
Coordinates: 11°37′N 85°05′W / 11.617°N 85.083°W / 11.617; -85.083
Kintra Nicaragua
DepairtmentRío San Juan Depairtment
 • Municipality.679 km2 (0.262 sq mi)
 • Municipality6,570
 • Metro

The total population o the municipality is approximately 1,700 “town” residents an 5,000 rural inhabitants, wi includes a total o aboot 3,000 fowk unner the age o 16 year auld (Morrito, 2002).

The main pueblo, namit Morrito an aw, haes a population o 1,700 livin in 250 hooses (Eda, 2008). Ither estimates put the population at 1,958 residents (OPS, 2008). Pueblo Morrito is a sma agrarian veelage locatit on the east shores o Lake Nicaragua. The veelage is the lairgest population center athin the Municipality o Morrito, which is the maist northerly municipality athin the Department de Rio San Juan. The municipality covers 677 km² o semi-humid tropical savanna uised primarily for raisin cattle an cultivation o rice, beans, an corn.

Travel tae Pueblo Morrito is frae Managua, the caipital o Nicaragua. Vehicle access is approximately 8 hours frae Managua via Juigalpa an Acoyapa. A ferry boat anchors briefly in Morrito on its bi-weekly route frae Granada tae San Carlos an aw.