Prince Andrew, Duke o York

Prince Andrew, Duke o York KG GCVO ADC(P) (Andrew Albert Christian Edward; born 19 Februar 1960), is a Breetish prince, a bairn-mucker an the seicont son an third bairn o Queen Elizabeth II an Prince Philip, Duke o Edinburgh. At the time o his birth, he wis seicont in the line o succession tae the Breetish throne; as o November 2019, he is aicht in line.

Prince Andrew
Duke o York
Born (1960-02-19) 19 Februar 1960 (age 60)
Buckingham Palace, Lunnon, Ingland
SpouseSarah Ferguson
(m. 1986, div. 1996)
IssuePrincess Beatrice o York
Princess Eugenie o York
Full name
Andrew Albert Christian Edward[1]
HooseHoose o Windsor
FaitherPrince Philip, Duke o Edinburgh
MitherElizabeth II
ReleegionKirk o Ingland

He haulds the rank o commander an the honourar rank o vice admiral (as o Februar 2015) in the Ryal Navy, in that he served as an active-duty helicopter pilot an instructor an as the caiptain o a warship. He saw active service in the Falklands War, fleein on multiple missions includin anti-surface warfare, Exocet missile decoy, an casualty evacuation.

In 1986, Prince Andrew mairied Sarah Ferguson; the couple's mairiage, separation an eventual divorce in 1996 attractit a heich level o media coverage. As weel as cairyin oot various offeecial engagements, he served as Breetain's Special Representative for Internaitional Trede an Investment till Julie 2011.


  1. The 1960 Order-in-Council giving the surname Mountbatten-Windsor to the male-line descendants of The Duke of Edinburgh and Elizabeth II specifically refers only to such descendants without a royal title, as those with it generally have no need for a surname. Despite this, the Duke of York (like his sister) entered with this surname in the marriage register.