Port Moresby (Inglis pronunciation: /ˌpɔərt ˈmɔərzbi/), or Pot Mosbi in Tok Pisin, is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is locatit on the shores o the Gulf o Papua, on the sootheastren coast o the island o New Guinea. In 2000 it haed a population o 254,158. As o 2009 it haes a population o 307,643, giein it a annual growth[wrang wird or uiss o Scots] rate o 2.1% ower a nine-year period.

The steid whaur the ceety wis foondit haes been inhabitit bi the Motu-Koitabu fowk for centuries. The first European tae see it wis Caiptain John Moresby in 1873. It wis named in honour o his faither Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby.

Awthou Port Moresby is surroondit bi Central Province, o whilk it is an aa the caipital, it isna pairt o that province, but forms the Naitional Caipital Destrict.

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