Phineas Taylor Barnum (5 Julie, 18107 Aprile, 1891) was an American business magnate, circus presenter and politician. Alang wi James Anthony Bailey, he co-foondit the famous circus “Barnum & Bailey”, which later wis merged wi the circus “Ringling Bros.” and wis renamed as “Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey”.

P. T. Barnum
BornPhineas Taylor Barnum
5 Julie 1810(1810-07-05)
Bethel, Connecticut
Dee'd7 Apryle 1891(1891-04-07) (aged 80)
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Thriftbusiness magnate, circus presenter and politician.
Hauf-marrae(s)Charity Hallett (m. 1829; d. 1873)
Nancy Fish (m. 1874)
PawrentsPhilo Barnum (1778–1826)
Irene Taylor

Barnum was considered as one of the richest person in the world of the 19th centuries as a result of the success of the circus performances.

The 2017 film The Greatest Showman is based on his life, an he is portrayed bi actor Hugh Jackman[1].

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