1891 is a year o the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 1st January : Nioro is took af bi the colonel Louis Archinard efter that Ahmadou (an Ahmadou's airmy) gangs awa' in Macina an Jenne. (In Mali an Niger).
  • February: the Netherlands and the Unitit Kinrick separe their possessions in the West Dutch Indies.
  • Eugène Dubois maks the first discovery o Homo erectus fossils in the Dutch colony o Java. (See Anthropology).
  • 18 avril : Jules Cambon is Governor o Algeria (til 1897). He applies a mair-liberal policy, wi the thocht o a speed economic development.
  • June 16 – John Abbott becomes Canada's third prime minister.
  • 31t July : Unitit Kinrick say that territories atween Zambeeze an Congo river are belongin tae thaim.
Herman Melville, author.

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