Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir (born 1 Januar 1944) wis Preses o Sudan (1989-2019) an the heid o the Naitional Congress Pairty. He came tae pouer in 1989 when he, as a brigadier in the Sudanese airmy, led a group o officers in a bloodless military coup that oostit the govrenment o Prime Meenister Sadiq al-Mahdi.[1]

Omar al-Bashir
عمر البشير
7t Preses o Sudan
In office
30 Juin 1989 – 11 Apryle 2019
Vice PresesZubair Mohamed Salih
Ali Osman Taha
John Garang
Salva Kiir Mayardit
Ali Osman Taha
Bakri Hassan Saleh
Precedit biAhmed al-Mirghani
Succeedit biAhmed Awad Ibn Auf
Personal details
BornOmar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir
(1944-01-01) 1 Januar 1944 (age 80)
Hosh Bannaga, Sudan
Poleetical pairtyNaitional Congress
Spoose(s)Fatima Khalid
Widad Babiker Omer
Alma materEgyptian Militar Academy
ReligionSunni Islam
Militar service
Allegiance Sudan
Service/brainchSudanese Airmy
Egyptian Airmy
Years o service1960–2013
Rank Sudan: Field Marshal
Battles/warsFirst Sudanese Ceevil War
Yom Kippur War
Seicont Sudanese Ceevil War

In October 2004, al-Bashir's govrenment negotiatit an end tae the Seicont Sudanese Civil War, ane o the langest-runnin an deadliest wars o the 20t century, bi grantin leemitit autonomy tae Soothren Sudan dominatit bi the Sudan People's Liberation Airmy (SPLA). Syne then, housomeivver, thare haes been a violent conflict in Darfur that haes resultit in daith tolls atween 200,000[2] an 400,000.[3][4][5] Durin his presidency, thare hae been several violent struggles atween the Janjaweed militia an rebel groups sic as the Sudanese Liberation Airmy (SLA) an the Justice an Equality Movement (JEM) in the form o guerrilla warfare in the Darfur region. The civil war haes resultit in ower 2.5 million fowk bein displaced,[6] an the diplomatic relations atween Sudan an Chad bein at a crisis level.[7]

Al-Bashir is a controversial figure baith in Sudan an Warldwide. In Julie 2008, the prosecutor o the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo, accuised al-Bashir o genocide, crimes against humanity an war crimes in Darfur.[8] The court issued an arrest warrant for al-Bashir on 4 Mairch 2009 on coonts o war crimes an crimes against humanity, but ruled that thare wis insufficient evidence tae prosecute him for genocide.[9][10] Houiver on 12 Julie 2010, efter a lengthy appeal bi the prosecution, the Court held that thare wis indeed sufficient evidence for chairges o genocide tae be brocht an issued a seicont warrant containin three separate coonts. The new warrant, as wi the first, will be delivered tae the Sudanese govrenment, which is unlikely tae execute it.[10] Al-Bashir is the first sittin heid o state ever indictit bi the ICC as well as the first tae be chairged wi genocide.[10] The court's decision is opposed bi the African Union, League o Arab States, Non-Aligned Movement, an the governments o Roushie an the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae.[11] Ane expert haes cawed on the court tae suspend the reest warrant.[12]

It haes been estimatit that Al-Bashir is responsible for the daiths o ower a million Sudanese.


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