Omey, Coonty Tyrone

(Reguidit frae Omagh)

Omey (Inglis: Omagh, Erse: an Ómaigh meanin "the virgin plain")[1] is the coonty toun o Coonty Tyrone, Northren Ireland. It bides whaur the rivers Drumragh an Camowen meet tae form the Strule. The toun, which is the mucklest in the coonty, haed 19,910 indwallers at the 2001 Census. Omey an aw inhauds the heidsteid o the Omey Destrict Cooncil an the Wastren Schuilin an Beukhoose Buird. The toun is twinned wi East Kilbride (Scotland) an L'Haÿ-les-Roses (Fraunce).


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Coordinates: 54°35′N 7°17′W / 54.59°N 7.29°W / 54.59; -7.29