Coontie Tyrone

(Reguidit frae Coonty Tyrone)

Coontie Tyrone (frae Erse Tír Eoghain meanin "land o Eoghan") kent as Coontie Owenslann forby, is ane o the sax coonties o Northren Ireland an ane o the 32 coonties o Ireland. It is in the stewartry o Ulster in the north o the iland. Tae the north is Coontie Lunnonderry, tae the aest is Loch Neagh an Coontie Armagh, tae the sooth is coonties Monaghan an Fermanagh an tae the wast is Coontie Dunnygal. It kivers an aurie o 3,155 km² an haes aboot 166,516 indwallers. This maks it the seivent mucklest o Ireland's coonties by aurie an aicht mucklest by population.

Coontie Tyrone, Coontie Owenslann

Contae Thír Eoghain
Coontie Tyrone
Coat of airms o Coontie Tyrone, Coontie Owenslann
Coat airms
Consilio et Prudentia  (Laitin)
"Bi Wisdom an Prudence"
Location of Coontie Tyrone, Coontie Owenslann
KintraUnitit Kinrick
RegionNorthren Ireland
Coontie seatOmey
 • Total3263 km2 (1,260 sq mi)
Area rank8t
 • Rank10t [1]
Contae Thír Eoghain is the Erse name; Countie Tyrone,[2] Coontie Tyrone[3] an Coontie Owenslann[4] are Ulster Scots spellins (the latter uised anerlie bi Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council).

Name eedit

The name Tyrone cums frae Erse Tír Eoghain meanin "land o Eoghan". This Eoghan wis son o king Niall o the Nine Hostages, an brither o Conall Gulban, wha gae his name tae the kinrick o Tír Chonaill.[5] Historically, it wis anglicised as Tirowen or Tyrowen, whilk are nearer tae the Erse pronunciation.

Settlements eedit

Muckle touns eedit

(population o 18,000 or mair an unner 75,000 at 2001 Census)[6]

Middlin touns eedit

(population o 10,000 or mair an unner 18,000 at 2001 Census)[6]

Sma touns eedit

(population o 4,500 or mair an unner 10,000 at 2001 Census)[6]

Hauflin settlements eedit

(population o 2,250 or mair an unner 4,500 at 2001 Census)[6]

Veelages eedit

(population o 1,000 or mair an unner 2,250 at 2001 Census)[6]

Sma veelages or hamlets eedit

(population o less nor 1,000 at 2001 Census)[6]

Baronies eedit

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Further readin eedit

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