Nikolay Gennadiyevich Basov (Roushie: Никола́й Генна́диевич Ба́сов; 14 December 1922 – 1 Julie 2001) wis a Soviet pheesicist an eddicator. For his fundamental wirk in the field o quantum electronics that led tae the development o laser an maser, Basov shared the 1964 Nobel Prize in Pheesics wi Alexander Prokhorov an Charles Hard Townes.[1]

Nikolay Basov
BornNicolay Gennadiyevich Basov
14 December 1922(1922-12-14)
Usman, Roushie SFSR
Dee'd1 Julie 2001(2001-07-01) (aged 78)
Moscow, Roushie
Alma materMoscow Ingineerin Pheesics Institute
Kent forInvention o lasers an masers
AwairdsNobel Prize in Pheesics (1964)
Kalinga Prize (1986)
Lomonosov Gowd Medal (1989)
Scientific career
InstitutionsLebedev Pheesical Institute

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