Nobel Prize in Pheesics

The Nobel Prize in Pheesics (Swadish: Nobelpriset i fysik) is a yearly awaird gien bi the Ryal Swadish Academy o Sciences for thae who conferred the maist ootstaundin contreibutions for mankynd in the field o pheesics.

The Nobel Prize in Pheesics
Nobel Prize.png
Awairdit forOotstaundin contreibutions for mankynd in pheesics
Date10 December 1901 (1901-12-10)
LocationStockholm, Swaden
Presentit biRyal Swadish Academy o Sciences
Reward10 million SEK (US$1.4 million)
First awairdit1901
Last awairdit2014
Maist awairdsJohn Bardeen (2)