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Sign o Neukölln The location o Neukölln in Berlin.
Aurie 44.93 km²
Inhabitants 310,283 (2010-03-31)
Population density 6,904 inhabitants per km²
Website (in German) offeecial hamepage
Mayor o Burgh Heinz Buschkowsky (SPD)
Pairlament o Burgh (BVV) SPD 21, CDU 17, Alliance '90/The Greens 6, FDP 3, The Left Pairty.PDS 3, The Greys 3, NPD 2 (last election 2006)
Map o the localities

Neukölln is the aicht burgh o Berlin, locatit in the sootheastren pairt o the ceety an wis pairt o the umwhile American sector unner the Fower-Pouer occupation o the ceety. It features mony Gründerzeit biggins an is characterized bi haein ane o the heichest percentage o immigrants in Berlin an displayin a chiefly multinaitional aura.

History eedit

Frae 1966 tae 1975 the Gropiusstadt was built, a "Trabantenstadt" or ceety-athin-a-ceety hoosin estate, designed bi airchitect Walter Gropius.

Neukölln is selectit as pilot ceety o the Cooncil o Europe an the European Commission Intercultural ceeties programme.

Subdiveesion eedit

Neukölln is dividit intae 5 localities:

0801 Neukölln
11.7 150,756 12,885
0802 Britz
12.4 38,334 3,091
0803 Buckow
6.35 38,018 5,987
0804 Rudow
11.8 41,040 3,478
0805 Gropiusstadt
2.66 35,844 13,475

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References in popular cultur eedit

  • "Neuköln" (deliberately spelt wi ane 'l') is an instrumental piece bi David Bowie, the nint track on his 1977 album "Heroes".
  • The last track o Miss Kittin's first solo album I Com is cawed "Neukölln 2".
  • The German film Knallhart ist set in the northren pairt o Neukölln.
  • The German documentary Neukölln Unlimited tells the story o three Lebanese teenagers based in Neukölln, who fecht against the deportation oot o Germany.

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