Namsan (lit. "Sooth Muntain") is a 262 metre (860 ft) peak in the Jung-gu destrict o sooth central Seoul, Sooth Korea. Although kent as Munt Mongmyeok, or 목멱산, in the past, it is nou commonly referred tae as Namsan. It affers some hikin, recreation an views o dountoun Seoul's skyline. The N Seoul Tower is locatit on top o Namsan.

Seoul at dusk as viewed frae Namsan Pairk

The muntain an surroondin aurie is the Namsan Pairk, a public pairk maintained bi the ceety govrenment. It is a popular spot for a panoramic view o Seoul. It is the location o a smoke signal station cried Mongmyeoksan Bongsudae' (Mongmyeoksan Beacon Tower, Hangul: 목멱산 봉수대) an aw, which wis pairt o an emergency communication seestem durin early times till 1985. Frae 1925 tae 1945 the Shinto shrine kent as Chōsen Jingū wis situatit on Namsan.[1]

In 2011 in a survey conductit, bi Seoul Development Institute, which includit 800 residents an 103 urban planners an airchitects. It rankit Namsan as the maist scenic location in Seoul wi 62.8 percent bi residents an 70.9 percent bi experts.[2]

The pairk an the foontain wis uised as the filmin location for Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)'s drama Lovers in Paris.[3]

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