Michelle Meldrum


Michelle Meldrum-Norum (28 September 1968 – 21 Mey 2008) wis an American guitarist kent for being a memmer o the baunds Phantom Blue an Meldrum.

Michelle Meldrum
Birth nameMichelle Meldrum
Born28 September 1968(1968-09-28)
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Deid21 Mey 2008(2008-05-21) (aged 39)
Burbank, Californie, USA
GenresHard rock
Hivy metal
Years active1987–2008
LabelsFrontiers Records
Locomotive Records
Geffen Records
Shrapnel Records
Roadrunner Records
Associate actsPhantom Blue
The Iron Maidens
Notable instruments
Gibson Les Paul


Meldrum wis born in Detroit, Michigan, tae a faimily o muisickers an actors (grandfather Thomas Hubbard an Great Uncle Elbert Hubbard). The faimily muivit tae Los Angeles, Californie when she wis 13. She stairtit playin guitar at age 14. Ulrich Roth an Michael Schenker wur her main influences efter listenin tae albums such as the Scorpions' 1976 album Virgin Killer.[1] Her first muive wis formin thrash metal baund Wargod wi later Dark Angel, DETHKLOK, Death an Strapping Young Lad drummer Gene Hoglan, then muivin on tae become baith co-foonder an lead guitarist in Phantom Blue, an aw-female hivy metal baund. Phantom Blue released their self-titled debut album on Shrapnel Records in the US (Roadrunner Records in Europe & Japan, an on tae a major label deal wi Geffen Records). The baund toured internationally wi hintle success.

Meldrum marriet Europe guitarist John Norum in 1995[2] an they muivit tae Swaden whare she went on tae form Meldrum, a multi-national haurd rock baund. In 2005, Meldrum toured for three month wi Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, appearin in sauld oot venues athort the US an Europe. In the Hairst o 2005, Meldrum joined Motörhead as special guests on their 30t anniversary tour throughoot Europe. Meldrum haes toured wi Sepultura, Danzig an Nashville Pussy, amang ithers an aw. In addition, she performit wi her umwhile Phantom Blue baund mate Linda McDonald an The Iron Maidens on a handful o gigs in late 2006.[3]


Michelle fell intae a coma on 18 Mey 2008 an later dee'd on 21 Mey due tae complications o a cystic growth on her brain that haed restrictit the oxygen an blood flow, renderin her brain-deid. She wis 39 year auld. She is survivit bi her parents, her husband John Norum an their son, Jake Thomas. A memorial tribute benefit wis arrangit at Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood CA on 26 Mey 2009.[4][5]

Meldrum haed juist completit writin an recordin a new album at the time, which the survivin baund members released in 2009 in tribute tae her.[4] The baund, alang wi the survivin memmers o Phantom Blue, pairticipatit in a benefit concert in HollywoodHollywood, California, on May 26, 2009 in memory of Michelle.[6]



  • New Renaissance Records Compilation
  • Metal Massacre 8

Post MortemEedit

  • Post Mortem (EP)

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