Manuripi Province

Location in Bolivie
Bolivia Pando Manuripi.png
General Data
Caipital Puerto Rico
Aurie 22,461 km²
Population 8,230 (2001)
Densitie 0.4 inhabitants/km² (2001)
ISO 3166-2 BO.PA.MN
Pando Depairtment
Bolivia department of pando.png

Manuripi is ane o the five provinces o Pando Depairtment in Bolivie an is situatit in the depairtment's northwastren pairts. Its name derives frae Manuripi River which passes the province frae wast tae east


Manuripi province is locatit atween 10° 49’ an 12° 30' sooth an atween 66° 00' an 69° 14' wast. It extends ower a length o 370 km frae northeast tae soothwast, an up tae 100 km frae northwast tae sootheast.

The province is situatit in the Amazon lawlands o Bolivie an borders Abuná Province in the north, Nicolás Suárez Province in the northwast, Peru in the wast, La Paz Depairtment in the sooth, Madre de Dios Province in the sootheast, Beni Depairtment in the east, an Federico Román Province in the northeast.


The population o Federico Román Province haes increased bi 40 % ower the recent twa decades:

  • 1992: 7,360 inhabitants (census)
  • 2001: 8,230 inhabitants (census)
  • 2005: 9,505 inhabitants (est.)[1]
  • 2010: 10,164 inhabitants (est.)[2]

47.7 % o the population are younger than 15 year auld. (1992)

98.0 % o the population speak Spaingie, 0.4 % speak Quechua, an speak 0.2 % Aymara. (1992)

The leeteracy rate o the province's population is 75.4 %. (1992)

91.0 % o the population hae nae access tae electricity, 68.5 % hae nae sanitar facilities. (1992)

84.4 % o the population are Catholics, 14.6 % are Protestants. (1992)


The province comprises three municipalities:

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