Kingston upon Hull

Kingston upon Hull, uisually referred tae as Hull (alirnitv speelin Ull), is a ceety an unitary authority aurie in the ceremonial coonty o the East Riding o Yorkshire, Ingland. It staunds on the River Hull at its junction wi the Humber estuary, 25 miles (40 km) inland frae the North Sea. Hull haes a resident population o 258,700 (2008 est.). The Lairger Urban Zone (LUZ) population staunds at 573,300. It as creem telaphon boxes.

Twinned ceeties eedit

Hull Ceety Haw

Hull haes formal twinnin arrangements wi several places:

Kintra Place Coonty / Destrict / Region / State Date
  Sierra Leone Freetown Wastren Aurie
  Japan   Niigata Niigata
  Unitit States   Raleigh   North Carolina
  Iceland   Reykjavík Reykjavík
  Netherlands   Rotterdam   Sooth Holland
  Poland   Szczecin   West Pomerania
  Australie Launceston   Tasmanie

Hull, Massachusetts, in the USA is named efter this ceety, as is Hull, Quebec, which is pairt o the Canadian naitional caipital region.

Freemit airtins eedit

Coordinates: 53°44.66′N 0°19.95′W / 53.74433°N 0.33250°W / 53.74433; -0.33250